Do you have a copywriting schedule?

When it comes to copywriting, there’s little doubt that we need to be our best, most cogent selves when attempting to compose our newest masterpiece. Whether it is a simple classified ad or a high-end technical piece, it just doesn’t fly to operate on two cylinders when we need to generate high-performance sales copy.

There are simply too many other copywriters who, when rushed due to poor planning, will turn in second rate material. And it’s not like they’re setting out to do that on purpose (although some folks seem to act this way).

If you want to set yourself up for success, it’s not wise to try to fit the most demanding tasks (like writing copy) into your least productive hours.

You NEED a copywriting schedule!

You certainly know yourself well enough to understand when you are at your best, and when you’re not. Some of us work best early in the morning (that wouldn’t be me), while others need a more gradual start to a caffeine-propelled day (yep, that’s me). And still others are night owls, craving the solitude and quiet of the night to produce their best work.

Whatever it takes, you must make sure that you’re giving yourself the best chance to succeed. Sometimes deadlines loom and writing schedules are changed out of necessity. And while that can’t be helped, you still need to plan ahead and take care to give yourself a decent shot. Ultimately it comes down to being organized and disciplined. (Foul language to some, I understand.)

These are arrows that you need to have in your quiver, ready to deploy. Planning your writing day and having clear productivity goals and deadlines, go a long way towards making your copywriting career a winning venture.

Planning ahead to be at your best

If you know for instance you have a social occasion coming up and it will, to put it nicely, have an effect on your clarity or focus… Then you would do well to write ahead or plan accordingly. Things go their best when you are not battling your rather taxed brain cells for attention when what they really need is sleep!

And speaking about sleep, are you getting enough of it? Everyone has their own number, but what’s your optimum number of hours per night, and are you getting it? Taking care to give some thought to these concerns will help give you a fighting chance at doing your best work, which is what you want, right?

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