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About Copywriting.com

Welcome. My name is Miguel Alvarez and I am a web entrepreneur from México. This page tells the story about how this website came to be… So read along:

It all started with a Commodore 64

My passion for computers and graphic design (and later on, for great advertising, marketing and copywriting) started when I got my first computer on my 11th birthday. A brand new Commodore with a whooping 64Kb built-in memory. Ever since I flipped that “on” switch for the first time, my young mind got hooked.

Study. Play. Study. Play. Study, study, study.

Don’t worry, I will not bore you to sleep with all the little details. I was a geeky kid and I’m not that much different as a grown-up – and that’s all you really need to know.

Then came the internet

Fast-forward 10 years and all those passions were put on steroids when I met the Internet. The web allowed me to accelerate my training, meet some of the most brilliant marketing minds on this planet and exchange a few e-mails with like-minded entrepreneurs such as Mark Joyner, Frank Kern, Michel Fortin, Joe Vitale, Jack Humphrey and many others.

Since then (and for well over 18 years now) I’ve been successfully designing and marketing websites in too many niches and industries to list here. Some of those websites are still alive, some have been sold or closed… either way, the ride has been exhilarating and outrageously profitable. Most importantly, along this fabulous ride, I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience. And now, it’s my turn to pass the torch along

And thus, Copywriting.com was born

Copywriting.com is my brain-child. My little corner in the web where I’ll share the knowledge and experience that I’ve gathered along my years marketing stuff online… it is also a place for me to keep learning from like-minded copywriters and marketers like yourself.

All this juicy information will be exchanged 100% FREE in the blog and around our social media channels. So make sure you visit these two spots at least twice a week… and get involved – It’s the best way to learn!

What’s in it for me? Well, I’ve got to make a living too, so I hope that during one of those visits, you’ll feel inclined to hire my copywriting services or maybe you’ll find your way into the products page and grab one of the copywriting courses to give your copywriting skills a boost – no pressure, just take a look.

Once again, welcome you to my site… bookmark the home page now and enjoy your stay!

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