3 Easy tips to make your copy feel warm & personal

Have you noticed that while surfing the web, some websites make you feel warm, cozy and welcome; while others feel cold enough to freeze a brass monkey? Wouldn’t you love it if your website (or any piece of copy you write) could have that warm and friendly feeling on command?

Here are 3 easy tips that instantly add warmth and personality to your copy:

Be personal​

Great copywriting gets the reader involved as quick as a wink. And to achieve this involvement, you’ll need to write in a conversational style – the more friendly and approachable, the better your copy will feel to the reader. Anything you write, especially sales pieces, should have the word “you” at least twice as much as “I”, “us” or “we”.​

Use contractions

​Using contractions like “don’t” instead of “do not” or “you’ll” instead of “you will”, can make your copy feel warmer… like one person talks to another. It feels warm and approachable because that’s how people talk.

Use colloquialisms

​A colloquialism is an informal way of saying things, whether it’s a word or a phrase that people use while talking. Using colloquialisms, you’ll draw your reader closer to you, and you’ll sound more familiar and personal. However, be careful with your words and only use colloquialisms that are easy for anyone can understand – else you’ll risk distracting your readers from the important part: your sales message.

Here’s a few of them:

  • Say "cash" or "dough", instead of "money"
  • Use words like "bummed", instead of "depressed"
  • Write "blown away", instead of "very impressed"
  • You get the picture, right? (Yep, that's another one)
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